A replicable systemic approach towards a transition to Circular Economy in EU regions

HOW TO assess projects' circularity

Once cross regional projects have been identified, and an agreement on how to finance them has been achieved, there is the need of a common set of assessment criteria to be adopted by the Regions

A specific action of the SCREEN project deals with a common agreement on a specific set of "evaluation criteria for circular economy projects".

Even if each regional authority managing structural funds already has its own assessment criteria for the evaluation and selection of projects, specific criteria for circular economy projects are still missing.

The criteria to be defined are therefore the additional ones to be used for the sole purpose of evaluating the "circularity" of one project respect to another one and help the evaluators to make a clear and transparent ranking list.

The Table of assessment criteria for circular economy projects in the following figure has been prepared on a "bottom-up" approach basis, including several discussions between the 17 SCREEN regions and a wide stakeholders' consultation.

It has been conceived as an user-friendly tool, able to be actually used by both applicants and evaluators, to be used in addition to the usual evaluation criteria. Version 3.0 has been validated by more than 160 European Stakeholders through an online questionnaire

The current version 4.0 has now instructions for both applicants and assessors, plus a practical example of its application allowing to compare two different circular economy projects.

Download Version 4.0 with instructions and examples

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