A replicable systemic approach towards a transition to Circular Economy in EU regions

A specific task of the SCREEN project is dealing with a common agreement on a specific set of "evaluation criteria for circular economy projects". Even if each regional authority managing structural funds already has its own assessment criteria for the evaluation and selection of projects, specific criteria for circular economy projects are still missing. The criteria to be defined are therefore the additional ones to be used for the sole purpose of evaluating the "circularity" of one project respect to another one and help the evaluators to make a clear and transparent ranking list. An online questionnaire has been launched to collect comments from the stakeholders.

The results of the questionnaire will be discussed during this event, together with the next steps of the project.


Download pdf version

h. 09,00 Registration

h. 09,30 Welcome speech and a brief presentation on the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform. (Bernd Dittmann, EESC Member)

h. 09,45 Introduction (C. di Giorgio, Lazio Region, Coordinator of the SCREEN project)

h. 09,55 Assessment Criteria for Circular Economy projects (A. Ruggieri, Rector of Tuscia University; Carlo Polidori, project manager of the SCREEN project)

h. 10,15 Questionnaire results (Martina Chiaraluce - Veltha)

h. 10.30 Discussion (first round of comments by the member of the Policy Lab, then question from the public)

h 11.00 Coffee Break

h 11.30 New SCREEN deliverables and overview of the final ones (M. Colledani, AFIL; A. Braccini, Tuscia University; Nillo Halonen , Tampere, Bart Volkers Fryslan)

h 12.10 Discussion

h 12.25 Conclusions and next steps (Carlo Polidori - Veltha)

h. 12,30 End of the Policy Lab Meeting

Event open to the public (working language: English).

Compulsory registration at this link

open up to 25th of May 2018.

The event is video-recorded: a specific consent will be requested before entering in the room

After the event, participant are also invited at the afternoon session of the event "Water technology unlocking and scaling up the circular economy" at the Committee of Regions (same building). More details in the pdf version of the agenda

Contact: info@screen-lab.eu