A replicable systemic approach towards a transition to Circular Economy in EU regions

HOW TO identify local value chains

This methodology for mapping regional capabilities is part of the Workpackage 2 of the project and supports the following objectives:

- To develop a methodology for the assessment of regional capabilities and best practices in the involved regions, grounding on their existing Smart Specialization Strategies (RIS3).

- To identify specific synergies and complementarities among sectors, value chains and markets, in order to highlight and evaluate potential strategic business cases that could significantly contribute to the transition towards new circular economy business models.

The SCREEN mapping tool is composed by Guidelines anda pre-formatted excel file, containing the metadata structure for mapping the Regional competences with common criteria

Download the Guidelines

Download the Mapping tool

Download the analysis conducted in some regions

The proposed methodology defines a simple information structure for the analysis of the existing regional capabilities and the emerging innovation opportunities in the region. The data collection framework is inspired by the approach adopted in the multi-regional Vanguard Pilot on "De-and Remanufacturing for Circular Economy" and considers general inputs from the Policymakers toolkit proposed by Ellen MacArthur foundation.

However, these data structures are adapted to the scope of the Screen project. The data collected by this framework will constitute the knowledge basis and the reference database for the further activities of Screen, including the local analysis in each region and the cross-regional value chain analysis
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