The SCREEN Policy Lab was established in 2017 by the 17 European Regions involved in the project and included representatives of the European Commission Directorates concerned about the Circular Economy Action Plan...

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Policy Lab 2.0: the starting point

The Policy Lab for a Europe made by Circular Regions is a think tank open to all those regional stakeholders willing to co-create and implement policies enabling EU industry, SMEs and citiziens to adopt a circular sustainable approach....

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Free Tools and documents

In this portal there are several free-to-use tools for enhancing and fostering the transition towards a circular economy, developed by EU-funded projects and validated by relevant stakeholders. Reports on new methodologies....

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H2020 SCREEN Project

SCREEN is an H2020 coordinating and supporting action participated by 17 European regions, aiming at the definition of a replicable systemic approach towards a transition to Circular Economy in EU regions within the context of the Smart Specialisation Strategy.


Interreg REPLACE Project

REPLACE has the goal of integrating, deploying and capitalizing on lessons learnt through the H2020 project SCREEN by engaging policy-makers and managing authorities


H2020 DIGIPRIME project

DigiPrime has the mission to develop a new concept of Circular Economy digital platform overcoming current information asymmetry among value-chain stakeholders, in order to unlock new circular business models based on a crosssectorial approach..