A replicable systemic approach towards a transition to Circular Economy in EU regions

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SCREEN aims at the definition of a replicable systemic approach towards a transition to Circular Economy in EU regions within the context of the Smart Specialization Strategy, through the identification and implementation of operational synergies between R&I investments from H2020 and the European Structural and Investment Funds, thus contributing to novel future eco-innovative and horizontal business models across different value chains.


NEW! SCREEN has developed a draft list of assessment criteria for circular economy projects!

Introduction and explanatory notes; click to download pdf version

An online questionnaire is now available for all the concerned stakeholders

Commissioner Carlos Moedas mentioned the SCREEN project during his welcome speech to the participants of the "Conference of European Border Regions 2017 : Periphery - In the Centre of Cohesion" in Badajoz, 27 October 2017 (click on the picture to start the video >>>)
Full speech video is available at this link

In the same conference the project SCREEN has been presented by Ademas, Alessandra Rodrigues, from Centro Region (Portugal)
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20 October 2017: SCREEN has been presented United Nations Economic Commission for Europe in Geneva, during the tenth session of Team of Specialists on Innovation and Competitiveness Policies - Substantive Segment "Towards the Circular Economy-Innovation Policies for Sustainable Production and Consumption"
Agenda, Programme, Speakers' info and report available at:www.unece.org/index.php?id=46514

The concept of the SCREEN action is to develop a EU reference framework for establish operational synergies between Horizon 2020 and the European Structural and Investment Funds related to Circular Economy by:

  • Sustaining the regional actors' participation at H2020 The mechanism of the "vouchers", already adopted in the past, will be reinforced an harmonized, in order to ensure common rules in EU regions and therefore encouraging to composition of international Consortia applying for circular economy projects related to the regional Smart Specialisation.
  • Encouraging the entrepreneurial initiatives based on H2020 project's results The participating Regions will agree about a specific rule in their Structural Funds giving an advantage for those initiatives targeted to the exploitation of the H2020 project results with a circular economy approach.
  • Investigating the possibility of maximizing the H2020 investment through a "recovery" (full or partial) of well ranked unfinanced proposals dealing with circular economy. Even if there is a clear presence of several bureaucratic and operational barriers, a possible solution could have an impressive multiplier effect on the H2020 results. The approach of the action is to leverage on growing industry sectors in EU regions to act as a driver also for the less performing ones, through a circular economy approach, and to support the emergence of new actors in the regional economies leading to new or redesigned value chains.

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SCREEN Newsletter n. 1 available for download.
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Coordinator: Lazio Region

This project is coordinated by REGIONE LAZIO
DIREZIONE REGIONALE PER LO SVILUPPO ECONOMICO E LE ATTIVITA' PRODUTTIVE. The Coordinator is Carmela di Giorgio, Area Cooperazione Territoriale Europea - Via Rosa Raimondi Garibaldi, 7 - 00145 Roma - Tel.+39 0651683516 - E-mail: cdigiorgio [at] regione.lazio.it

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