The SCREEN Policy Lab was established in 2017 by the 17 European Regions involved in the SCREEN project and included representatives of the European Commission Directorates concerned about the Circular Economy Action Plan.

Considering the results obtained, which went far beyond what was expected at the beginning, and the enthusiasm expressed by the partners, The Policy Lab continued after the end of the SCREEN project as an informal cooperation network between European regions open to other regions and stakeholders in the field of circular economy. The communication channel was a dedicated LinkedIn Group that is still active and open to all the interested stakeholders.

SCREEN network’s motivation comes from its ability to connect technologically advanced regions with runner ups, providing a possibility for regions and their local stakeholders to increase their innovation capabilities regardless of their starting point. Common circular economy goals are important both for the regional smart specialisations and for finding common opportunities Cross-regional synergies, both innovation synergies and policy synergies are important fuel for the network. Several Policy lab members are also be involved in further projects such as REPLACE and DIGIPRIME.

The Policy Lab 2.0 is an evolution of the first one, based on a platform where European Regions working with Circular Economy projects can collaborate, explore possible scenarios and co-design solutions for better policies through workshops, webinar and other initiatives.